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Software for reporting workforce and certified payroll.

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eMars provides advanced cloud-based SaaS solutions for certified payroll software, construction site compliance, and workforce reporting.

Whether you require efficient construction labor compliance management, streamlined submission and collection of daily logs, or comprehensive labor compliance training, eMars stands at the forefront of construction compliance software solutions and education in the nation.


Gather, authenticate, and oversee compliance information along with certified payroll report data originating from both prime contractors and subcontractors.


Prime Contractors
eMars specializes in gathering, generating, validating, and administering regulatory information, encompassing subcontractor records.


Optimize the process of generating certified payroll reports for projects lacking a specified electronic solution as stated in the contract.

What is Certified Payroll Software?

Certified Payroll Software is designed to streamline and automate the payroll process for businesses. It ensures accurate and compliant payroll management by generating certified payroll reports that meet the requirements of government agencies and prevailing wage laws.

Our software solutions simplify the complex task of tracking employee hours, wages, and fringe benefits, as well as calculating deductions and taxes. With eMars, businesses can save time and reduce errors, ultimately improving efficiency and ensuring legal compliance.

What businesses benefit from Certified Payroll Software?

Construction companies, in particular, greatly benefit from this software as it helps them streamline their payroll processes and ensure compliance with prevailing wage laws. Additionally, government contractors and subcontractors find value in Certified Payroll Software as it enables them to accurately track and report on employee wages, benefits, and deductions, which is crucial for meeting the requirements of government contracts.

What are the benefits of Certified Payroll Software?

Certified Payroll Software, like the Compliant Client, offers numerous benefits for businesses. Firstly, it ensures compliance with government regulations and requirements, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues. The software automates the process of calculating wages, taxes, and deductions, eliminating the need for manual calculations and reducing errors. Additionally, it streamlines the payroll process, saving time and effort for HR and payroll teams.

The software also provides detailed reports and records, making tracking and analyzing payroll data easier. With its user-friendly interface,

Easy to use and learn web-based solution.

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Certified Payroll Processing

eMars' Compliant Client simplifies the process of creating and submitting certified payroll, ensuring compliance with applicable wage determinations and labor laws. Users can manually enter payroll data, copy data from previous weeks, or import data from Excel files, and the software's real-time error messages help avoid mistakes. Once completed, the certified payroll can be submitted with just three clicks.

Document Storage and Retrieval

eMars' Compliant Client provides an easy-to-use document storage and retrieval system, allowing users to store and retrieve any relevant documents required for payroll processing. The bulk download feature allows users to download all documents at once, while the auto-fill document creation feature streamlines paperwork generation.

Time Tracking and Payroll Management

The Time Clock feature of eMars' Compliant Client allows users to track worker hours easily, either by keying in hours or uploading data from a time clock. The feature automatically matches daily reports with certified payroll entries, helping to identify and correct discrepancies in real-time.

State-Specific Compliance

eMars' Compliant Client is designed to meet the compliance requirements of specific states and comply with regulations. Our software can generate payroll extracts for AASHTO DOT states, and special reports are available to help with other activities.

Secure User Access

The Compliant Client features a robust security system that allows users to be assigned to see only specific projects, ensuring secure access to payroll data. The private messaging system allows for communication between users, while the software maintains pre-determined wage determinations to ensure compliance with labor laws.

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