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Established in 1993 as Contract Compliance, eMars has become a leading authority in certified payroll systems. From our humble beginnings processing contractor payrolls on HUD housing construction projects through mainframe systems, we have embraced innovation to adapt to the digital age.

Our evolution saw us change our name to eMars, Inc., and transition through three generations of servers to our current state-of-the-art, fully encrypted data system.

Today, eMars' payroll system is among the most widely used, satisfying all requirements of the Davis Bacon and Related Act and the Service Contract Act.

Our trustworthiness is evidenced by the confidence of over 50,000 Users who depend on our system. We are committed to continually enhancing our application's value to contractors.

Two decades of experience by one of our founders led to developing the Compliant Client, an eMars web-based service. This tool, designed in consultation with numerous government agencies and contractors, and field-tested in a live environment for over a year, has greatly benefited our user community. Over 7,300 projects are experiencing the convenience and compliance assured by our Compliant Client.

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