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The Compliant Client and Certified Payroll

Certified Payroll, a legal requirement for contractors and subcontractors involved in publicly funded projects, often presents significant challenges. Compliance with prevailing wage laws, production of WH-347 forms, and stringent labor reporting requirements can be time-consuming and complex. If not managed effectively, these challenges can lead to penalties, withheld payments, and even debarments from future projects.

What is Certified Payroll?

Certified Payroll refers to a specific payroll report that contractors and subcontractors must complete and submit if they are involved in a publicly funded project. This requirement is stipulated by the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 in the United States and other State and municipal prevailing wage laws.

The purpose of Certified Payroll is to ensure that these contractors comply with the laws related to prevailing wages and fringe benefits. "Prevailing wages" are the hourly wage, usual benefits, and overtime paid to the majority of workers within a particular geographic region.

Certified Payroll Requirements

When managing federally-funded projects, meticulous adherence to the Davis-Bacon Act's directives is essential. This includes ensuring every worker performing labor is remunerated at the locally required prevailing wage.

Some critical guidelines to consider:

Timely Payment

It is paramount that each employee listed on the Davis-Bacon certified payroll receives weekly payment for the labor they have rendered. (NOTE many states allow bi-weekly and semi-monthly payrolls. Only Davis-Bacon requires weekly pay)

Detailed Record Keeping

For each worker on the payroll, accurate and comprehensive data must be maintained. This includes the individual's legal name, identification such as the last four digits of the SSN, correct job classification, rate of pay, daily and weekly hours, fringe benefits if any, taxes, other deductions and the total amount earned for all work performed in the week. All these details should be recorded in the certified payroll report.

Certified Payroll Submission

The payroll report becomes technically certified upon the contractor's or business owner's or the Owners authorized representative's signature on the statement of compliance, an integral part of the WH-347 form. The Compliant Client features Automatic WH-347 Form Generation.

Importantly, precision is vital when filling out the necessary certified payroll form. Correctly identifying each employee's wage determination number and job classification is crucial to ensure compliance with Davis-Bacon laws. While some classifications might be straightforward, others may pose a challenge and invoke queries.

How Does the Compliant Client Help With Certified Payroll?

In today's rapidly changing landscape of labor regulations, staying compliant with payroll data input can be a daunting task for businesses. However, with eMars' Compliant Client, companies can now choose from a range of options to input their payroll data, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the latest labor compliance requirements.

eMars' Compliant Client is the best wage compliance software, offering flexibility and convenience, making labor compliance a seamless process for businesses and public agencies of all sizes.

Automatic WH-347 Form Generation

The WH-347 form is a standardized payroll submission form required by the Department of Labor for contractors engaged in federal construction projects. This form, often tedious and time-consuming to complete, is crucial for demonstrating compliance with labor laws. The Compliant Client revolutionizes this process by automatically generating WH-347 forms right after payroll is signed. This automatic feature eradicates the necessity for manually creating these forms, drastically simplifying the compliance process.

The Best Labor Compliance Solution

In the ever-evolving world of labor compliance solutions, eMars' Compliant Client rises to the challenge by offering various options for payroll data input. Users can manually enter employees, copy from a previous week, or import data from Excel catering to diverse needs. The tool even maps to import payrolls for prime and subcontractors, ensuring seamless integration.

Moreover, eMars' Compliant Client ensures compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act (DBRA) and the Service Contract Act (SCA). The system displays errors in real-time and offers more than 30 remedy messages to correct on-screen errors. eMars' Compliant Client ensures that your payroll is in compliance, providing peace of mind and freeing valuable time.

Real-Time Information

In the digital era, real-time information is crucial. The Compliant Client leverages this, providing users instant access to data when the payroll is submitted. The immediacy of this feature allows for quick detection of potential non-compliance issues and swift resolution, improving overall productivity.

The Compliant Client's real-time internal messaging system ensures prompt communication and maintains a reliable record of problem-resolution attempts. Payroll errors can be immediately identified and revised accordingly, with an audit trail preserving a record of changes made.

Secure Platform

Data security is paramount in payroll processing. The Compliant Client is built on the most sophisticated encryption technology, protecting client data at all processing cycle stages. With in-house secure servers, a secure building, and regular intrusion tests, eMars provides the highest security and privacy in the industry for client data.

Simplify Tracking Worker Hours

Tracking worker hours is a fundamental aspect of payroll processing but can pose significant challenges, mainly when dealing with a large workforce. The Compliant Client's Time Clock feature simplifies this process. Users can key in working hours or upload data from a time clock, ensuring accurate and efficient tracking of work hours.

The system automatically matches daily reports with certified payroll entries, highlighting real-time discrepancies for quick error correction. This eMars' Compliant Client feature provides an invaluable tool for businesses to streamline their payroll processes and ensure compliance with labor laws.

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