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Diving Deeper into the DAS 142 Form

California's construction industry is a complex ecosystem of regulations and requirements, and the DAS 142 form plays a critical role in ensuring a balance of experience and learning on job sites. Let's uncover the specifics of this form to understand its importance and how to navigate its nuances seamlessly.

What is the DAS 142?

While the DAS 140 form notifies the apprenticeship committees about the utilization of apprentices in a project, the DAS 142 form steps in as a formal request by the contractor for dispatch of apprentices from approved apprenticeship programs.

Contractors in California are obligated to meet a minimum 1:5 ratio of apprentice hours worked to journeymen hours worked on a project. If this ratio isn't met, a request for apprentices becomes a necessity. Leveraging the DAS 142 form as a request for dispatch of apprentices is widely regarded as best practice, given its comprehensive format designed specifically for this purpose.

Timing is Key: When to Submit the DAS 142 Form

The DAS 142 form must be submitted at least 72 hours (three business days) before apprentices are required. This notice requirement is precise, right down to the hour. As a best practice, it's recommended that the form be submitted one week before the need for apprentices arises.

Necessary Information on the DAS 142 Form

Ensuring the DAS 142 form is filled out correctly is paramount. Here are the details that you'll need to include:

Apprenticeship Committee Contact Information: The form must include the name, address, phone number, and fax number of the apprenticeship committee receiving the request.

Contractor Information: Your company name, address, license number, Public Works Contractor (PWC) registration number, telephone number, and fax number must all be included.

Project Information: This section requires the PWC project number, contract number, total contract amount (and subcontract amount if applicable), the project name, and the project's work location.

Dispatch Request Information: Indicate how many apprentices are needed, what craft or trade they specialize in, the dates they will be reporting to the site, the time at which they should report, and the name and address of the person they will report to.

Where Does DAS 142 Form Go?

The destination for your completed DAS 142 form depends on your relationship with apprenticeship programs. If you're signatory to an approved program, you'll send the request to your local apprenticeship committee. If you're not signatory and haven't been approved to train apprentices, the form must go to all apprenticeship committees in the county where work is being performed, for each craft or trade needing apprentices.

Ensuring Validity of the DAS 142 Form

An incomplete or incorrect DAS 142 form could be deemed invalid, so accuracy is key. Make sure to fill out every section, provide the correct dates, specify the number of apprentices needed (don't put 0 or TBD), and ensure the correct contact information.

Keep the submission deadline in mind as well. If the DAS 142 request isn't submitted by the deadline three business days before the apprentices are needed, it may be deemed invalid. Avoid common errors by submitting the form before the deadline.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to meet apprenticeship request regulations comes with penalties. For instance, if the form is sent late, incorrectly filled out, or not submitted at all, a fine of $100 per day can be assessed.

Adhering to these regulations is not just about avoiding penalties, but also about contributing to the fair and effective functioning of the construction industry. It's about supporting new talent in the field and helping foster a robust, experienced workforce for the future.

To stay updated about apprenticeship requirements and other prevailing wage compliance-related topics, consider subscribing to resources such as LCPtracker Academy. In this ever-evolving industry, staying informed is a wise strategy for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How can eMars Help?


Our Autofill feature makes filling out the California apprenticeship forms a breeze. Our software is designed to make labor payroll compliance easy and save you time.

Q What information is required to complete a DAS 142 form?


The DAS 142 form requires detailed information about the apprenticeship committee, the contractor, the project, and the dispatch request. This includes addresses, phone numbers, license numbers, project details, the number of apprentices needed, and who they should report to.

Q What is the main purpose  of the DAS 142 form in California

The DAS 142 form is a formal request from a contractor for the dispatch of apprentices to their project from approved apprenticeship programs. It ensures contractors meet the required minimum 1:5 ratio of apprentice hours worked to journeymen hours worked on a project.

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