eMars Encrypts At-Rest Data

eMars Encrypts At-Rest Data

Every business's success hinges on accurate, compliant, and efficient payroll management. The Compliant Client by eMars goes beyond routine payroll reviews to offer a comprehensive and robust solution that handles complex tasks such as the tracking of certified apprentices and the precise calculation of restitution. This system guarantees that your payroll data remains encrypted, error-free, and adheres to the strict stipulations of labor laws such as the Davis-Bacon and Other Related Acts.

Security and Peace of Mind - Our Major Concern

The Compliant Client system employs advanced encryption methods, ensuring the protection and integrity of payroll data while it's at rest. This sophisticated encryption system provides an added layer of security against unauthorized access and data breaches, a crucial feature in today's world, where cyber threats pose a significant risk to confidential business data.

But the system's capabilities extend far beyond mere data protection. The Compliant Client excels at the accurate tracking of certified apprentices.

With eMars' Compliant Client, companies can confidently manage hundreds of thousands of bits of information without worrying about potential errors or breaches. The system not only safeguards workers' privacy but also upholds the sanctity of their data. Worker privacy is a top priority, and with the Compliant Client, it's uncompromised. This assures employees that their sensitive personal information is handled carefully and carefully.

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