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We are now offering Implementation of the New California DIR XML. For a quote and explaination of the rapid creation of this process please click here. We will answer your email that same day.


Optimize your Davis-Bacon compliance efforts with Compliant Client by eMars web-based service.

General contractors, subcontractors, and government agencies alike, all benefit from this simple and accurate electronic submittal.

The Compliant Client allows 100% review of all certified submissions. With its instant identification and notification of errors, this proven streamlined process makes Davis-Bacon compliance simply a click away. Every aspect of this demanding effort now becomes easily managed. From routine payroll reviews to the complicated tracking of certified apprentices and calculation of restitution, the Compliant Client ensures that your projects remain error free.

As a general contractor- relax. The Compliant Client is a system “built by contractors for contractors” and gives you the assurance that all your subcontractors are playing by the rules.

As a subcontractor, large or small- don’t worry. Let the Compliant Client accomplish your payroll entry with the industry’s easiest interface and download. Manual entry is also a snap with the same immediate identification and notification of compliance errors.

As an agency, federal or state- rejoice. The avalanche of paper is gone! Project files are easily created and retrieved. Trust the Compliant Client to give you complete project oversight with the ability to utilize real-time data in additional compliance reporting.